The M4A TEACH Project

• (Teaching Elders and Adolescents to Communicate in Harmony)

• To change the perspective of high school students in regards to aging and dementia

• Provide dementia residents of an assisted living facility with person-centered interventions

• Document the project

• Analyze the survey data to gauge the success of the project

• Please view the video of the project to get a better idea of its impact on the participants.


Welcome to the M4A website-built by us for you! Our goal as we developed this website was to provide YOU, our consumers, with a reliable and unbiased starting point for information on public and private options for long-term planning. Because M4A’s consumers are a diverse group-ranging from Older Alabamians and caregivers to individuals living with disabilities-this website is also diverse in information.

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About Us

From its inception, M4A contracted with county governments or nonprofits which were closely affiliated with county governments and formed to receive federal and state funds from M4A to administer many OAA Title III services such as meals, transportation, homemaker, chore, friendly visiting, and telephone reassurance.

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