Sexual desire is a crucial element of physical and emotional intimacy that men and women experience in their lives.

However, female sexual disorder and male ED (Erectile Dysfunction) increase when they get old. As per the study, around one-third of elderly people have a few complaints about their sexual function.

But, 60 per cent of older people shows their interest in sustaining sexual activity. However, age, disease, and functional decline may cause sexual dysfunction, and when the disorder is diagnosed, most of these physicians will conclude as a side effect of medications or diseases.

Older people are non-sexual individuals

In fact, sexuality in older people and related issues to it has been neglected from the treatment point of view as well from the research aspect.

The most common misapprehension is that the older people are non-sexual individuals and people feel that sexual activity is intended only for the young.

Sexuality in elderly people cannot be observed through the vision of the youth, mainly focusing on erectile capacity and performance, while ignoring social and emotional dimensions.

Most common disorders

Most common disorders associated with sexual disorder include diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression, and urinary tract symptoms.

Early diagnose of risk factors of the cardiovascular may reduce the occurrence of Erectile Dysfunction by improving Endothelial function.

Taking care of those disorders and adopting lifestyle changes may help avoid sexual disorders in older people. Sexual desire is important for elderly people, but the importance of conversing sexual life aspects are inconsistent and provide them with alternatives for treatment and assessment.

Sexual Disorder in Older People: Age or Disease