Arthritis or joint pains are one of the most common issues that you find in elderly people and this can make intercourse uncomfortable. Medicines, exercises, and maybe joint replacement surgery can help reduce the pain. Also, warm baths, proper rest, and changing the sexual activity, timing and position can be helpful.

The pain and fatigue in the joints become very painful. Your partner will be concerned about how this condition is affecting you and it might lead to a reduction of your self-esteem and affect your mood.

Sexual fitness and back portion with hips

Sexual fitness becomes very difficult when you suffer from arthritis also many people avoid talking about this because they want to be independent. Sexual activity needs you to be physically active. Your back portion and hips should not be weak for good sex. Arthritis also sometimes leads to a dry vagina in older women that causes uncomfortable intercourse.

In such cases, Baby Oil or Vaseline on any oil-based lubricant can be used. Most of the drugs that are used to treat arthritis don’t affect your sex life. But many drugs may cause reduced sexual Desire.

Consult a doctor in case you find your arthritis

You should consult a doctor in case you find your arthritis medicine is affecting your sex life. Many adults ask if a joint replacement will affect their sex life. If a joint replacement causes pain it might interfere with your sex life. If that happens in an initial condition, it might be nervousness due to the operation, but even after 6 weeks of operation if that affects you, you should consult a doctor.

If you go through a hip replacement, you should wait for at least 12 weeks because there might be a risk of dislocation of the joint. Also, just in case you are suffering from Arthritis you can go for a change in position for sexual satisfaction.

Try your different positions

You can try your different positions if the composition is putting a strain on your joints. You can also use questions and another piece of furniture for support.

You can also go for sex aids like a vibrator, which can be helpful to relax muscles and it can possibly be used for stimulation.