Pain can obstruct sexual activity among older people. However, chronic pain can be often treated easily it can no longer be a part of aging. But, some drug used as painkillers can obstruct sexual function. That is why it is important to ask your doctor if the medication has any side effects.

For a proper human connection, you need to have sexual relations in spite of having body pain, or chronic pain. But there is a very complex connection between chronic pain and sexuality.

Affecting mood disorders, decreased sex drive, and stress

Chronic pain also affects mood disorders, decreased sex drive, and stress. In spite of chronic pain you, can we connect with your sexuality by talking to a doctor? The doctor can adjust your medication according to your situation, but you just need to open up by talking. There are many medications which cause lower sex drive, these medicines usually contain drugs.

You can ask your doctor about the side effects of the medicine should you consume, if possible get an alternative medicine or dose. Also, you need to examine your emotions and check your self-esteem so that you don’t feel unattracted to your partner. Also spend some time rekindling the spark, only things that will make you feel loved. Start connecting on an emotional level. Learn about what is good to your partner and do creatively with closeness.

What is good for your partner

Intimacy can be expressed in more than just sexual intercourse. You can try out lubricators and vibrators you can also go for different positions from sitting or kneeling. An alternative to traditional methods, oral sex, if you are from explaining it effectively you can go for it. Intimacy needs planning you should feel close to talking to your partner about your chronic pain. Avoid focusing on the result rather than the journey.

Avoid tobacco and alcohol

Also, avoid tobacco and alcohol because it can cause impairment in sexual function. Don’t focus on negative things and setbacks and keep trying to stay positive. You can focus on yourself and physical activities to cope up with chronic pain. There are a lot of strategies which can be adopted by a physician to treat your condition. Side effects of chronic pain or lack of arousal and sexual issues in a couple.

Chronic pain