Some people who are suffering from dementia actually become more interest in physical closeness and intimacy, but they are unable to understand the proper sensual behavior. However, the people suffering from severe dementia may not identify their partner or spouse, but, they still want to have sexual contact and may want it from someone else. This condition is difficult to handle as they don’t know what and whom they are seeking. Talking to a doctor, social worker, or nurse can help dementia patients by giving them proper training. This disease affects their ability to get intimate. Parkinsonʼs and stroke are diseases that affect your ability to perform. The arousal pattern gets affected, and this often results in guilt and anger. Being in a sexual relationship brings the feelings of closeness and intimacy. Dementia onset doesn’t mean an end to a happy sex life. Though there can be some abnormalities and inappropriate sexual behavior, you don’t need to worry about that. It is very essential to consider non-pharmaceutical treatments as drugs like hormonal agents, beta-blockers and antidepressants, lowers the sex drive, so when you consider consulting your doctor, make sure enough caution is taken. When a person suffers from dementia, they become indifferent to sex. Inappropriate sexual behavior is also caused, which is the most common syndromes. This type of behavior can be counted among non-paraphilic or conventional.

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