Diabetes is one of the diseases that can cause Erectile Dysfunction is some men. However, there is not much information available on how diabetes affects sexual desire in elderly women. However, medical treatment can help overcome this condition in most cases. Women suffering from diabetes are more inclined to suffer from a vaginal yeast infection that causes irritation and itching they may feel undesirable and uncomfortable to have sex. Yeast infections can be cured easily. Women have chances of infection, they might suffer from urinary tract infection. There are also times when there is reduced blood flow, due to which, sex might seem an inconvenience. Men with diabetes have reduced excitement. Diabetes affects both men and women alike. It reduces the chances of erection in men. People with diabetes often get tired very easily and become weak, in such cases, insulin pumps can be used as they boost self-image. Maintaining blood sugar level so that it prevents further damage is very important. There are several medications which are available that improve blood flow and the ability to achieve an erection. Limit your alcohol intake as it has a drastic effect on your blood sugar. There are also means for bone replacement therapy, which improves the desired in both men and women, but it can have Side Effects so you should consider talking to a doctor before starting any medication. Hypertension often leads to erectile dysfunction. You can modify your lifestyle, this is the first goal to get a healthy body.