Hardening and narrowing of the arteries can block blood vessels and the blood does not flow freely. Because of that elderly men and women may have issues with orgasms, and because of that it takes a longer time to get stimulated, and for some elderly men, it gets difficult to maintain or have an erection. People who had a heart attack earlier may get afraid of having sex as they feel it can cause another attack. Though sexual activity is considered safe, still, you need to consult your doctor and take advice. Any kind of physical activity is dangerous if you are living with heart failure, you might feel fatigue or shortness of breath. A lot of exercise or sex might feel you are tired. Sex is considered to be a moderate form of exercise, so you are suffering from heart failure, you have recently been operated you might suffer from sexual problems. Remaining sexually active is important for a healthy life and stay connected to your partner. Consult a doctor and consume herbs and supplements to boost the sex drive. Now the question arises, is it safe for people who suffer from heart diseases to have sex. You can only indulge in sex after your disease has been stabilized and currently you are not suffering from an issue. Cardiovascular events cause heart pain during sexual activity, you need to ask a doctor to evaluate your situation before beginning your sexual activity.

Heart disease