Anxiety and Depression are very common symptoms that many older people suffering with and it can also affect their arousal and sexual desire either directly as an illness or indirectly by using antidepressant medicines for the treatment. Both these dysfunctions have a difficult bidirectional connection with a sexual disorder, and each one affects adversely the other. Depression is basically a social stigma which is a very common illness and occurs almost 12 people in 20. There are many types of depression, like bipolar disorder, postpartum depression, persistent depressive disorder, seasonal affective disorder, and various others. They suffer from a range of symptoms that includes several sexual health problems. Women and men face difficulties in intimation during sex because of depression. The depression rate in women is higher than men and a lot of hormonal changes occur. Women may tend to feel lonely and bluesy which makes them feel less confident. This is also known as the estrogen level and disrupt the natural lubrication process. In men, low anxiety and self-esteem or very common which causes impotence and delayed ejaculation. This can give rise to other depression symptoms and cause sexual dysfunction. The symptoms vary according to person and severity. Sexual Desire originates in the brain and the organs rely on the chemicals which require blood flow when there is a disruption between these chemicals, this lowers the libido. Treating depression is one way.

Depression and Anxiety