Men around 50 years old, and sometimes earlier among diabetics and smokers, erections changes. In some individuals the process is slow, but in some, it rises more quickly. In any way, elderly men mislay the ability to have erections only from sexual fantasies. Also, a direct grope of the penis becomes compulsory. Post-50, men face erection changes as inevitable and normal. However, some changes in their lifestyle can reverse or postpone them. The best thing you can do in such cases is consulting a doctor and consume recommended drugs and medicines to overcome this. Also, you need to find out if you really suffer from erectile dysfunction or it is just erectile dissatisfaction. This sexual disorder can also be caused due to the bursting of blood vessels which causes painful swelling. Erectile dysfunction can also be a symptom of some bigger sexual problem like high cholesterol, diabetes, heart diseases, or Parkinson’s disease. There is a difference between erectile dysfunction and erectile dissatisfaction. And this disease is very easy to deal with. This sexual disorder can be caused due to anxiety issues that you might be suffering. If you know certain problems that cause the problem to your blood flow so you can, consult a doctor and start medication before it is too late. Other ways of treatment include penis pumps, which is a vacuum erection device. And penile implants, that help in controlling how long you have an erection. Recent studies have also found out that regular exercises and physical activity might reduce the chances of erectile dysfunction. There are some home remedies and Lifestyle changes which can be adopted by men that help you to reduce chances of erectile dysfunction. Some of them are avoiding Smoking, stop being obese, include physical activity in your day to day routine, get the right treatment for lung problems and sort out your relationship issues with communication.

Erection Dissatisfaction