The sexual dysfunction in male occurs due the hypogonadism and ED are most widespread and it increases with age. There are many known causes of ED, including prostatic disease or surgery, medications, and vascular disease. Physiological ability to have a strong erection that is sufficient for sex most of the time it reduces with age. The study shows that 97 percent aged between the age 50 and 50 and 76 percent between age 60 and 60 and 51 percent between age 70 to 80 percent will have a decrease in erection. The study also explains that the decrease occurs by illnesses or medications, and says that age may be an autonomous factor. Due to age factor men over 50 years, usually, suffer from erectile dysfunction. This is a state in which the person is unable to achieve and maintain an erection. Approximately 44% of people suffer from erectile dysfunction who are above the age of 50 and ranging to 85. This usually starts at the age of 50. For some people it starts earlier due to smoking and diabetes, for some people this process is gradual and others this happens very quickly. This issue arises due to relationship problems, alcohol and drugs use, making love when fatigued etc. One of the easiest ways of reducing this is by maintaining a very Healthy lifestyle. One can quit smoking and consuming high cholesterol food to reduce the risks related to erectile dysfunction. There are many oral medicines which can be consumed to reduce sexual dysfunction. During the underlying condition, you might have to go through a blood test and urine test to check the flow of Blood on your penis. The medicines containing nitric oxide, which produces a natural chemical that relaxes the muscles and increases blood flow, thus, helping you to get an erection. Some medications are dangerous if you take nitrate drugs, have low blood pressure and have some heart disease.

Male Sexual Dysfunction