Prostate Cancer occurrence increases with age and either nonsurgical or surgical treatments may cause SD. However, 24 percent of men stated low desire and 49.5 percent reported very poor response of sexual function. Only 24 percent of men, one year after treatment for early stated that prostate cancer made any effort to enhance their sexual functioning. Among those with poor sexual and sexual desire functioning, their sex life will be affected by weakening erectile functions. Prostate cancer can cause a lot of harm to your sex life. Prostate cancer affects not only your sex life, but also your body, your mind, and relationships. As you will always feel down or be anxious and it will affect you mentally. Relationships will get affected because you don’t think about starting a new relationship and the other ones you have will become emotionally unstable. Treatment can cause damage to your body nerves and blood supply. Also will be worrying about the treatment and an erection if you have a catheter. Even if you will be sexually aroused, the blood flow to your penis will make it difficult to get an erection, this will be impotent. It has been found by the research that any number of times you ejaculate the lower the chance of prostate cancer. But it is still under research. It can leave many problems on your mental, spiritual and emotional wellness. Chances of enjoying sex after prostate surgery are very low, so you should go for robotic prostate surgery for best results. You should always know what to expect why you are recovering from your prostate surgery. There are chances you might enjoy sex, but there will be, chances you might not able to enjoy a pleasurable orgasm without an erection. After prostate cancer, ejaculation can be reduced, or there can be leakage during sex. There is also a change in mood and libido after the surgery which might leave you tired and irritated very soon. You can consult the doctor to know your condition if that permit you should definitely have sex.

Prostate cancer