Sexual problems may occur mostly in older people because of some illnesses, medicines, disabilities, and surgeries, these issues can affect the ability to have and take pleasure in sex.

Health issues and solutions include

Arthritis: Arthritis or joint pains are one of the most common issues that you find in elderly people and this can make intercourse uncomfortable.

Medicines, exercises, and maybe joint replacement surgery can help reduce the pain. Also, warm baths, proper rest, and changing the sexual activity timing and position can be helpful.

Chronic pain:  Pain can obstruct sexual activity among older people. However, chronic pain can be often treated easily it can no longer be a part of aging.

But, some drug used as painkillers can obstruct sexual function. That is why it is important to ask your doctor if the medication has any side effects.

Dementia: Some people who are suffering from dementia actually become more interest in physical closeness and intimacy, but they are unable to understand the proper sensual behaviour.

However, the people suffering from severe dementia may not identify their partner or spouse, but, they still want to have sexual contact and may want it from someone else. This condition is difficult to handle as they don’t know what and whom they are seeking. Talking to a doctor, social worker, or nurse can help dementia patients by giving them proper training.

Diabetes: Diabetes is one of the diseases that can cause Erectile Dysfunction is some men. However, there is not much information available on how diabetes affects sexual desire in elderly women. However, medical treatment can help overcome this condition in most cases. Women suffering from diabetes are more inclined to suffer from a vaginal yeast infection that causes irritation and itching they may feel undesirable and uncomfortable to have sex. Yeast infections can be cured easily.

Heart disease
: Hardening and narrowing of the arteries can block blood vessels and the blood does not flow freely. Because of that elderly men and women may have issues with orgasms, and because of that it takes a longer time to get stimulated, and for some elderly men, it gets difficult to maintain or have an erection. People who had a heart attack earlier may get afraid of having sex as they feel it can cause another attack.  Though sexual activity is considered safe, still, you need to consult your doctor and take advice.

Depression and Anxiety: Anxiety and Depression are very common symptoms that many older people suffering with and it can also affect their arousal and sexual desire either directly as an illness or indirectly by using antidepressant medicines for the treatment.

Both these dysfunctions have a difficult bidirectional connection with a sexual disorder, and each one affects adversely the other.

Conclusion and more information

Most of the diseases which are caused due to old age can be treated with a little change in lifestyle and the way you live. Adopting a Healthy lifestyle and holding onto certain behaviors like avoiding smoking and drinking too much helps you to slow down the process of sexual disorder.

You can also accept what you cannot change. Never assume that sexual disorder of permanent for older people. Try consulting the right doctor and see what works for you. Communicate with your partner and trust him/her so that you enjoy a proper life. Be supported to a partner in case of depression.

What Causes Sexual Problems in older people?