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Learning about aging is easy. Just scroll down on the page to the specific program that you are interested to learn from. It will directly lead you to the source material and resources. You can download the document by clicking on the purple item. You can also browse through other resources to reinforce your knowledge about the topic and understand the process of aging and how to work around it.

Here are the web links and other resources you can work on

Scroll down the page to the specific program under which the document you are interested in downloading is located. Click on the purple item that you are interested in downloading.

Aging and Disability Resource Center Medical Assistance

Alabama Lions Sight Conservation 

Alzheimer’s of Central Alabama

Easter Seals Medical Assistance Grant 

Hear Now

UAB Charity Care 

Senior Rx Client Intake Form

Other resources

SCSEP Wage Exemptions

SCSEP Host Agency Manual

SCSEP Participant Handbook 2014

SCSEP Job Search Form

Community Service Assignment

Supervision Worksheet

Federal Holidays

Senior Participant Employment Program Time Sheet

Senior Trainee Employment Search Report

SCSEP Participant Authorized Absence Request

Change of Address Form