Aging and Disability Resource Center The Aging and Disability Resource Center Program (ADRC) serves as a single point of entry into the long-term care supports and services for older adults and people with disabilities. ADRC empowers people to make informed decisions about their long term care supports and services through a streamlined access system.

Alabama Cares The Alabama Cares Program is a service program that works to relieve the stress of caregiving on the caregiver and enhance the caregiving experience through education and respite services to caregivers of older individuals (60 years of age or older); family caregivers of those with dementia regardless of age; and relative caregivers (55 years of age or older) caring for minor grandchildren; and relative caregivers (55 years of age or older) of adult children with severe disability. Caregivers must provide 20 hours of care to the care recipient and may live with or without the care recipient.

Alabama Elderly Simplified Application Project The Alabama Elderly Simplified Application Project (AESAP) is designed to simplify the Food Assistance application process for elderly households. The process considers household expenses to include; the cost of medications, rent/mortgage, electricity, gas, water, telephone, and more.

Chronic Disease Self-Management Program The Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) is a six-week, self-management workshop based on the Stanford Chronic-Disease Self-Management Program. The workshop meets for 2 hours per week for 6 weeks. The workshop is not disease-specific and is designed to help participants build confidence in their ability to manage their health and maintain active and fulfilling lives.

Health and Wellness Promotion M4A provides support services that help older adults remain as healthy and independent as possible in their homes and communities. The support services include medication management, health promotion, public education, and outreach. These services are provided by senior activity centre managers, volunteers in the senior activity centres, M4A staff and volunteers.

Information and Referral Program Information and Referral/Assistance program act as the single point of entry for individuals seeking help. When a consumer calls M4A for assistance, they are transferred to a trained Information and Referral specialist. The specialist screens the caller for programs and services offered at our agency, as well as outside community resources. Those programs include AESAP, the Alabama Elderly Simplified Application Project, for food assistance and the Chronic Disease Self Management Program (CDSMP).

Legal Services The legal services network can provide important assistance for older persons in accessing long-term care options and other community-based services. Legal services also protect older persons against direct challenges to their independence, choice, and financial security. Matters include living wills, powers of attorney, advanced directives, and defence of guardianship/conservatorship. Individuals must be at least 60 years of age to qualify.

Medicaid Waiver The Medicaid Waiver Program is a Home and Community Based Program that enables many blind, elderly, and disabled persons to receive care in their homes and to avoid or delay being placed in a nursing home or long term care facility. To qualify, persons must meet two criteria: financial and medical. If the individual meets both criteria, the individual will qualify for Medicaid Waiver Services. These services include homemaker, personal care, respite, home-delivered meals, adult day health, and companion.

Nutrition Program The Nutrition Program is responsible for meeting the nutritional needs of: Persons who are at least 60 years old, homebound (unable to drive), and not have anyone there during the day that can cook for them. Congregates (those eating at the senior centre) must be at least 60 years old. A spouse or dependent child of someone 60 or over can also receive meals, regardless of age. There is no income requirement. Hot meals are delivered daily from the senior centre or in a frozen five pack once a week.

Ombudsman The Ombudsman Program is designed to serve as an advocate for all residents of long-term care facilities, regardless of the resident’s age, income, and insurance status. As advocates, we work to educate, empower, and intervene on the residents’ behalf. The residents’ well-being is always the heart of the Ombudsman Program, advocating with the resident as our focus regardless of who initially contacts us.

Senior Activity Centers The Senior Activity Centers are located throughout our five-county region and offer an array of services, recreational activities and a hot nutritious noon meal five days a week to County residents age 60 and older, including their spouse regardless of age. Many of the recreational activities include Zumba, scrapbooking, bingo, Dominoes, quilting, arts and crafts, ceramics, dine around, shopping, one day and overnight trips in addition to much more.

Senior Community Service Employment Programs (SCSEP) The mission of the Senior Community Service Employment Program is to enable older persons (55 years of age or older) to achieve gainful employment and personal development while promoting training for transition into unsubsidized employment. This mission is accomplished through recruitment, assessment and enrollment of eligible applicants into the program and assigning them to a community service agency.

Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) The Senior Medicare Patrol’s (SMP) task is to educate Medicare beneficiaries and providers to protect, detect, and report healthcare fraud, waste, and abuse, while working closely with SHIP, other state agencies, and law enforcement.

SenioRx Program The SenioRx program assists persons age 55 and older and persons with disabilities by providing ways to reduce the expense of life-sustaining medications. Persons are able to gain access to their medications for FREE or at a greatly reduced cost.

State Health Insurance AssistanceProgram (SHIP) The State Health Insurance Assistance Program or SHIP is designed to provide one-on-one counselling for Medicare beneficiaries and Medicare-eligible persons understand their benefits and make informed decisions regarding their Medicare Coverage options. SHIP also provides education, counselling and information concerning: Medicare, Medicare Supplement (Medigap), Medicare Savings Program, Medicaid, Prescription Drugs, Plan Comparisons, Billing & Claims, Rights & Protections, Long-Term Care.